How to Begin a Vegetable Garden for the Novice Gardener

Starting a small home garden can be as easy as these simple steps below. Creating a garden will bring peace and sustainability to your home. Starting a home garden doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, so get started today!

  • Start small: Plant only vegetables and herbs you know you will eat. Do some research on what works well together. If you want to plant tomatoes, make sure to plant some bee-attracting flowers nearby such as Siberian wallflowers.
  • Cheat with some starter plants: Visit your local hardware store, garden center, or local grocery store and find small plants that have roots to plant directly into your garden. Typically, if you go to a grocery store, in the fruit and vegetable section you will find basil and thyme plants ready to go. At the local garden centers, you can typically find tomatoes, peppers and other varieties already started for you.
  • Only use good quality dirt: A lot of dirt that is sold comes with plant and vegetable nutrients already inside. These are great because they typically feed for 9 months or more. This will be perfect for your garden. If you are on a tight budget mix the store-bought dirt with the dirt from your garden.
  • Find the right spot: Make sure your garden gets morning sun exposure and some shade in the afternoon if you live in zone 8 or above. This will help the plants not dry out or die before they produce any bounty.
  • Raised beds, pots, or in the ground: Choose what type of garden you like. If you do a raised bed, there are many affordable options found online that come with complete kits. If you choose to plant in pots, make sure that your pots are getting water frequently enough to keep the plants happy. If you have the room in your back or front yard, planting in the ground is a fantastic option. Make sure you place a border around your garden. You can use recycled materials such as old pallets, bamboo, or create a stick wall.
  • Give love and water: Plants are the happiest when they are tended to. Make sure to keep an eye on your little garden babies and check on them often. Weed your garden at least every other week to make sure your plants can breathe and grow properly.

We hope you start your own little garden and grow one day to have enough bounty to provide for you and your family. Prima Pure offers the perfect ingredients like flours, spices, rice, and herbs, that will make your garden fruit shine in a prepared meal.

About Prima Pure

Prima Pure understands the value of healthy food choices so our focus and commitment center around offering the highest quality products that will foster sustainable living and an organic lifestyle.  Our goal is to provide access to locally grown foods while spearheading environmental consciousness. We offer healthy options and ingredients to add to your family's meals. Shop our easy shopping collections for organic, vegan, gluten-free, and NON-GMO products. 




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