Plan Your Summer Family Backyard Party

How about some Outdoor Fun without Actually Leaving Home?

The COVID-19 crisis has engulfed our lives with fear, uncertainty, and gloom. As death tolls continue to rise and the virus appears to be spreading uncontrollably social distancing and self-isolation is our best strategy to protect ourselves and loved ones. However, isolating ourselves and maintaining social distance has a toll on our emotional and mental wellbeing.

Isolation gives birth to stress, anxiety, and depression which can turn into a wide array of other complications. In such hard and testing times, parents are trying their best to cope with the situation with a sunny disposition and an unwavering resolve to keep their kids healthy, happy, and focused.

As a parent, it can be exhausting to go to such great lengths to win a smile from our little ones. How about a fun idea that allows both parents and children to enjoy and unwind with a relaxing evening? This post is all about enjoying the outdoors without actually stepping out of your home.

It is about utilizing your backyard or outdoor space to its full potential, and give it a delightfully easy makeover for fun family get-togethers. Allow us to walk you through some exciting ideas.

Here, take a look:

Eating under the Stars

Don’t we all miss eating out at our favorite restaurants and enjoying a lively banter with a lovely ambiance? Well, you can easily create that ambiance at home, and enjoy dining out without actually going to a restaurant.

The idea is to transform your outdoor area into an outdoor dining area. This will be easier if you already have an eating arrangement in your backyard. But if you don’t, you don’t have to spend money on buying any furniture. The best trick is to work up a rustic wooden table or upcycle a big table that you already have at home.

You can decorate it with table mats and table runners, or some natural centerpieces, such as twigs, pinecones, and flowers. You can also create a canopy of lights above the table by hanging some fairy lights or lamps. Light up some scented candles, play some music in the background, and create an elaborate dress code so everyone can glam up for the feast!

For the feast, prep some fun summer mocktails like a strawberry, turmeric, and ginger lemonade! This drink is not only refreshing but packed with nutrients! A perfect summer drink. For the main course, prep up some Paella. Support small fishermen by taking advantage of fresh seafood at your local port or farmers market. Try Prima Pure’s Saffron Rice as a substitute for regular rice in your recipe.


Strawberry, Turmeric and Ginger Lemonade



  1. Divide and squeeze the 4 lemons into a carafe or use ½ cup of lemon juice. Take ½ cup of water and mix with the honey. Place in a microwave-safe container and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Be careful and take out when done. Stir with a spoon until the honey dissolves in the water.
  2. Add honey and water mixture to the remaining water. Let cool.
  3. Add strawberries blended to the carafe
  4. Add water and honey mixture to the carafe.
  5. Pour over ice and taste. If you desire it to be sweeter add some more honey and mix in.


Outdoor Movie Night

Ever since the shutdown started, we have all been relying too heavily on Netflix and filling up our bucket lists with movie titles. How about giving your regular movie night a grand and spontaneous twist?

The idea is to set up a movie projector in your backyard and enjoy a fun night out with your family. If you don’t have a projector, you can easily rent it for a few nights. You will need a comfortable seating arrangement, so bring out a carpet and prop it up with sheets, pillows, and throws.

Hang up some fairy lights and lamps to give the backyard a festive and ambient glow. Now, all that’s left is a nice movie and a never-ending assortment of snacks.

Camping Adventure

Three months in lockdown have made our lives monotonous and boring, and we are all craving an adventure to recharge our energies. Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t always have to travel far and wide to find adventure, especially if one is willing to make that adventure happen anywhere.

Mothers! Gear up your children for a fun night of camping in the backyard. It will be a healthy and refreshing change from their everyday life and a lovely opportunity to bond as a family. Pitch up some tents or create a makeshift yurt and make it comfortable with pillows and mattresses. You can light up a campfire and toast marshmallows to end the night sublimely.

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