Spring Blend Rice Prima Pure
Spring Blend Rice  – 453.59g (16 oz.)

Spring Blend Rice – 453.59g (16 oz.)

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Spring Blend  – 453.59g (16 oz.)

Prima Pure brings to the table a natural pairing of healthy and flavorful grains in the Spring Rice and Orzo Blend. We blend our jade-colored Bamboo Rice, aromatic long-grain Jasmine Rice and striking Lemon Garlic Orzo for a dynamic fusion of tastes and textures in this Spring Rice and Orzo Blend.

 Flavor Profile:

  • Balance of sweet, herbal, nutty, citrus and garlic flavor
  • Creamy yellow, stark white and jade green colors
  • Combination of fluffy and firm textures
  • Contains wheat

  • Our Spring Rice and Orzo blend is the perfect blend for making a summer salad. In the recipe, we've added crunchy vegetables and pair it with a light avocado oil vinaigrette to add that tart-tangy element to the dish. Just divine....