Himalayan Black Salt
Himalayan Black Salt - 10oz
Himalayan Black Salt - 10oz

Himalayan Black Salt - 10oz

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Himalayan Black Salt – 283.49g (10oz)

Gluten Free

All Natural



Black Salt also known as “Himalayan Black Salt,” “Kala Namak,” or “Sulemani Namak” is a mineral rich salt prominently used in traditional Indian, Pakistani and other Asian cuisines.
The name Black Salt is quite misleading as this salt possesses a dusky pink-gray hue. It has a striking aroma suggestive of its distinctive sulfurous flavor. Its flavor is more heightened when combined with other herbs and spices as a seasoning blend rather than as a table salt. Ideal in vegan recipes when an egg-like flavor is desired. 

Product of Nepal

Ingredient: Ancient Himalayan Black salt.


Store in a cool dry place. Do not use if the safety seal is damaged or missing