About Us

My passion for organic and natural foods started as a child on a rural farm in the West Indies. The fondest memories of my childhood involved watching and often participating in the art of making fresh, organic cocoa with my grandmother. She extracted the beans from the cocoa pods, dried and roasted the nibs, and then pulverized using a large stone mortar and wood pestle. This became the base for her decadent hot cocoas and other healthy delicious chocolate delights. It is this passion that has evolved into my commitment to bring wholesome, organic foods from the farm to your home. Each product is carefully chosen from local farmers and organically certified suppliers, without losing sight of how the food was sourced.

In addition to promoting healthy living, I'm also passionate about adopting strategies and practices to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Climate change mitigation efforts have been driven by initiatives that will educate farmers about reducing slash/burn practices, reintroducing crop rotation and composting as an alternative to artificial fertilizers.

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