PureOcity Rewards Program

How do I earn Points? 

  1. Open a PrimaPureAccount 
  • Earn 250 Prima Shillings ($5) for registering 
  • These initial points only apply to a future purchase of $50 or more. 
  1. Shop at primapureorganics.com
  • Earn 50 Prima Shillings for each $1 spent. 
  1. Share on Social Media
  • Earn 25 Prima shillings ($0.50) for posting and/or following: 
    • Share on Facebook 
    • Like on Facebook 
    • Follow on Instagram 

How do I use my points? 

Prima Shilling balance can be applied toward your purchase at checkout. 


Prima Pures' Rewards Program (otherwise known as “PureOcity”) allows customers to accumulate Prima Shillings that translates to discounts on Primapureorganics.com.  

It’s easy as 1-2-3. Earn shillings while you shop and get rewarded when you tell other what you think of the exceptional products. 

  • Start by creating a PrimaPure Account. This step willautomatically give you 250 Prima shillings 
  • All Pure-Ocity memberswill earn 50Prima Shilling for each $1.00 spent on purchases excluding tax and/or shipping.  
  • Eachtime you share or like us on Facebook you will earn 25 Prima Shilling ($0.50). Follow us on Instagram will also earn you 25 Prima Shilling ($0.50). 
  • There is no limit to how manyPrima Shillingsan individual can earn or redeem in a given period of time.  

How can you use the Prima Shillings? 

  • Prima Shillingshave a value set byPrima Pure. The value on the date these terms were published was 50 Prima shillings = $1; however, Prima Pure reserve the right to change these values when deemed necessary, without prior notice. 
  • PureOcityReward Points can be redeemed at checkout towards your purchases. The price of the product(spurchased will be reduced by the value of the Prima Shillings being applied. Example: $50 total purchase, applying 250 Prima Shillings, leaves $45 due from customer (Note: taxes and shipping cost is applied to the original price).  
  • PureOcityRewards usersexercising their first offer of the Prima shillings must apply them towards an order of $50 or more. After the initial order, there are no minimum purchase requirement for PureOcity Rewards. 
  • Prima Shillings used forpurchaseswill be deducted from your PureOcity Reward balance.   

How long are Points good for? 

  • POINTSDO NOT EXPIRE (we reserve the right to revise this offer without notice)


  • One account per user
  • One account per household
  • Prima Shillings cannot be recovered on returned items.
  • Prima Shillingsmay not be redeemed for cash or credit. 
  • Social media postingsmust becandid. If your post is deemed to be slanderous, racist, sexist, malicious or otherwise offensive (“Prohibited Reviews”), the review will be removed and the 25 Shillings will be forfeited and removed from your account.  
  • Prima Purereserves the right to cancel an Account or theShillings in an account if we determine the user has misused the Account, or has otherwise violated any term of the Rewards Program Rules. Prima Pure may choose to prohibit a user from creating a new Account. 
  • Prima Purereserves the right to cancel an Account thathas been inactive for one (1) year. However, a customer can create a new account if the prior account was cancelled for inactivity. 
  • Prima Purereserves the right to terminate, discontinue, or cancel the PureOcity Rewards Program atany time, without notice. 
  • Subscribing to the PureOcity Rewards Program allows Prima Pure to communicate with ourcustomersvia email, phone, mail, and other channels of communication. 
  • These Program Rules are governed by the Prima PureTerms and Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy. 

If you have any questions or encounter problems with the PureOcity Rewards Program, please contact our Customer Rewards Team via email at info@primapureorganics.com, or by calling 1.561.245.7895. 

Refer a friend receive a $10 coupon to be used on future purchases. Referred friend will receive $5 off their first order of $50 or more. 

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer subject to change at any time without notice. One valid reward per qualifying referred friend. 

Member Rewards
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- Enrolling online is fast, free and easy.

- Register your email address to use your PureOcity every time you check out.

- Get 250 Prima Shillings ($5) for registering.



- Earn 50 Prima Shillings for each $1 spent.

- Share on Facebook earn 25 Prima Shillings.

- Like on Facebook earn 25 Prima Shillings.

-Follow on Instagram earn 25 Prima Shillings.



- Use your rewards online at checkout.

- View and track your rewards in your account.