Atlantic Dulse SeaWeed
Atlantic Dulse SeaWeed - 2.1oz Rich in iron & potassium

Atlantic Dulse SeaWeed - 2.1oz Rich in iron & potassium

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Atlantic Dulse SeaWeed – 60g (2.10oz)

Dulse, also known as Palmaria palmata is red seaweed that grows attached to rocks.  This salty sea vegetable is eaten fresh and dried in foods including soups, chowders and fish dishes. 

Dulse is packed with valuable minerals, including iron and potassium. A 3.5-ounce serving of fresh dulse seaweed provides approximately 33 milligrams of iron and 1,720 milligrams of potassium. Because red and brown algae are particularly rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, they may be an effective addition to support a balanced diet.



100% California Dulse Seaweed. Harvested wild and dried using Applewood 

Origin: Maine

Storage: Store sea vegetables in their zip top bags or other air-tight containers in cool, dry cupboard and away from sunlight.

Shelf Life: Dried sea vegetables will maintain their flavour for at least a year, but likely much longer.