Organic Pecan Oil
Organic Pecan Nut Oil - 12 fl oz
Organic Pecan Nut Oil - 12 fl oz

Organic Pecan Nut Oil - 12 fl oz

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OrganicPecan Oil – 354.8ml (12 fl. oz.)


Pecan nuts are rich source of energy

Pecan oil has a smoke point of 470 degrees

Rich source of minerals and Vitamins C

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

100% Natural Organic oil


Prima Pure expeller pressed Organic Pecan Oil, a by-product of the pecan nut, is a refined oil used primarily in culinary applications however it is also an ideal oil for many massage and aromatherapy applications.  The appearance of our refined Pecan Oil is a clear light-yellow liquid with a bland characteristic odour and taste.

 Pecan oil is neutral in flavour and takes on the flavour of whatever seasoning is being used with it. Pecan oil contains 9.5% saturated fat, which is less than in olive oil (13.5%), peanut oil (16.9%) or corn oil (12.7%) and has a smoke point of 470 degree. Pecan oil is a good substitute for butter and other cooking oils, making it suitable for baking. It is recommended that the oil be refrigerated after opening to increase shelf life and reduce rancidity.

Ingredients: 100% pure expeller pressed natural pecan Nut oil